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Ideas for decorating kid’s room

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Decorating a kid’s room opens up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want. It calls for imagination & flexibility. Children often grow faster than we would like them to – and naturally their interests & preferences change just as quickly. It’s not just a room to sleep, it will be a playroom, a place to study, a space to have fun with friends & even a quite place for them to retreat to – so it’s important that it works for all these things. Remember, your child needs is a peaceful, friendly & stimulating environment to grow in. Another important aspect is not to lose sight of the educational aspect of the designs.

Here, I will share some decor ideas considering your child’s different developmental phases plus the effect that these various phases have on children’s space requirement & related needs.

Most importantly decorating a child’s room should be fun for parents & children. It’s a chance to be creative in a way you probably wouldn’t be in any other room in the house.

For ease of understanding we shall go by the progressive phases of children’s growth & development- a. Babies & Toddlers; b. Pre-school children; c. Primary school children &; d. Older / Teenage kids. In each group we will go in detail with respect to requirements, standard dimensions, orientations, colour schemes & much more.

kids room1

But before we go on to outline the age wise decor plan, let us see the common basis of design for each group.

  1. Space plan/ floor plan: Draw a plan that includes the height & position of existing features such as electrical outlets, windows, doors & any built in wardrobe. Next, you draw the furniture you intend to use in the child’s room. Do not invest in furniture before you draw the foot prints & measure the space required for & around the piece of furniture.
  2. List out the furniture requirement: As per your child’s age & growing needs a furniture list can be made. All they need is a bed, a play/ study table, book cases/ shelves & lot of storage options. In their imagination, mirrors, tables, chairs, curtains all have lives of their own & are capable of being playmates. Either you buy new furniture every time your child enters another stage of development, or you can from beginning buy furniture that “grows” with your child.
  3. Color scheme: Kids grow up fast & before you know it a toddler room becomes a big boys/ girl’s room. It’s nice to have a colour scheme that will transition with your child so they can grow into the room. The best solution is to paint one wall as a focal wall that brings in fun colour choice, leaving other’s in a neutral shade.
  4. Go with a theme: whether your child is playful & energetic, calm & sweet or a mixture of both, explore their personalities to discover the right theme for their rooms. Pirate coves, princess castles or jungle scenes, kids room are the ideal spaces to embrace creativity.
  5. Play it with accessories: it’s much easier & simpler to incorporate a theme/ colour scheme with the help of accessories. Bedding, cushions, curtains, wall art/ decals, lightings, all can be changed in a short period of time without pinching a hole in your pocket.
  6. Give it a personal touch: Get personalised products for your kids room, it gives them a sense of belonging. Also, kids are born creative and their room is the ideal place to display their art work or a nice photo collage.

I hope, with the basics in place we are all set to furnish our kids room & in my coming posts I will try to share good & realistic ideas/ tips for designing a creative & imaginative room where your child will feel happy & at home & enjoy spending time there.

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Decorating kids room

letting imagination lead the way….

As a parent our primary goal is of keeping our children healthy & safe, teaching them basic literacy, numerical skills, discipline & manners, and give them insight on our cultural & religious practices. But how many of us believe in developing our child’s artistic learning & encourage them to think in a more challenging & creative manner. Many of us assume that creativity is an inborn talent & either your child is born with it or without it. In fact creativity is not about doing something better than others, it is about thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining. In children, creativity develops from their experiences with the process, they are least concerned about the finished product. It is not just found in —art, drama, dance and music, but also in science and play. We can help & encourage our children to keep on generating new ideas that foster their creative thinking abilities in their day to day life.

At happy street

At happy street

I would like to share some of my real & raw experiences as a mother bringing up two highly creative children who believe in the world of imagination where anything is possible & everything has a little bit of magic. Kindly note practicing creativity is a messy affair & you have to let go discipline & order at times. Here are a few things we do, & i have to thank my kids, who have been giving me clues & hints at every stage of development. Read / narrate a story : Read books or narrate an impromptu story that stimulate children’s ability to enter into the adventures of others and recreate scenarios. I have noticed that they relate their personal problems to the characters in the story & come up with solutions to tackle them. Bedtime is the best time to let your imagination wild, not necessary the story ends the same way everyday. We can also animate the voices, bring in new characters, build new plots, solve maths, invent something, explore the world, & many more things in the same story. Encourage their ideas : No idea is big or small, funny or silly. If your child comes up with an idea of making an aircraft out of paper, believe in them. My son has a toy aeroplane & one day he said he will make a similar one in paper. I didn’t doubt for a second, let him do. The way he was going about it, i thought he is working on a 2-D model but i was in for a surprise. After sitting for 3 hours he came up with a 3 –D model of the aeroplane.


Sidharth working on his 3D model

Give them choices : Rather than telling them to do something i always give them a choice. Right from what they eat, what they wear, what they want to do, etc. Reluctance is low. Play & laugh : Sit down & play with them, laugh out loud on their silly jokes. Pretend play : So what your child wants to be a superhero on a Sunday, an Architect or a farmer on any other day? Try incorporating small lessons in each role they take on. Explain how a farmer works, his role in society, his lifestyle, his tools, etc.

praying to the garden deity

praying to the garden deity

  Let them help with house hold chores : My kids have developed a liking towards cooking by just helping me out in the kitchen. It started with peeling of green peas at the age of 2 but today my son can easily cook a dish & oh Boy ! he is so creative & bold in use of ingredients & always invents his dish.

rolling out mini jamuns

rolling out mini jamuns

Exposure to different places & settings & experiencing the unusual: Travel with your kids, take them to different places like gardens, farms, zoos, restaurants, lakes, hill stations, beaches, treks, etc. Experiencing different settings will only broaden their knowledge & open their imaginations. Let them get bored : At times boredom can make you inventive, we need not provide with a continues stimuli with toys, activities, etc. Random things to play: For long now my kids find random things more interesting & stimulating than the toys. Packaging material, old newspapers, pebbles & rocks, ropes, buckets….. the list is endless.

stick & paper house

stick & paper house

Indulge in their interest: Encourage them & provide them with the requirements to indulge in their interests. I believe a child & his imagination can do wonders when allowed to indulge in his passion. It could be as simple as drawing or colouring. Limit time on TV & other gadgets: These things can easily take over our lives so be over cautious in exposing your child to TV, i pads, phones, play stations, etc. Time with nature: There is no teacher like the mother earth. Let your child spend some time with nature, there is a lot to observe & learn.

my urban organic gardener

my urban organic gardener

By exposing children to creative experiences , we give them the gift of a rich & memorable childhood while laying the foundation for a lifetime of creative expression – at the same time they are learning important life skills. As quoted by Sir Albert Einstein – “Creativity is intelligence having fun“ Kindly let me know if these ideas help you.

Happy kids = Happy me

I never thought, one day I will sit & chronicle our day to day life, but then i have so much to share. So here i am with my first post and what better topic, then my inspiration – my kids.

my kids - my world

my kids – my world

I’m not an expert on parenting, neither have any experience in professional child training, coaching. But when it comes to bringing up my young adults (I call my babies young adults because they are in a hurry to grow up), I have always gone by my instincts. What I would like to share is the daily interaction with my kids and their journey of learning. Believe me, it’s a completely different perspective when you live or see through a 3 year old or a 6 year old child’s mind. My daily dose of stimulation & inspiration comes from them. I come up with practical activities and lend them a hands on experience to learn new things everyday.

Little minds have inborn inquisitiveness, they are open minded, non prejudiced, careless & are big risk takers. My son, 6 years, is always on an inquest, sometimes I feel even in his sleep the mind is working out different logics & probabilities. It goes without saying that I’m bombarded with different questions on varied topics all the time. My daughter, 3 years, on the other hand is the listener, always on the receptive end, she records everything she hears or see’s. I know it is the same case with all of us, the new age parents of smart kids. Often, we opt for easy solutions as in todays competitive world we want our child to be the best & outsmart everyone. In doing so we forget the child is not making memories, he is just being a part of some race.

I believe, as parents it is our duty to bring up honest, humble & gentle human beings. It is a huge responsibility we carry towards the society. Your children look up to you, for them you are the hero. So, should we not lead by example, be the role model for your child.

It is very important that we give honest answers to their innocent questions. Why? If the mind has come up with a question, it is equally prepared for the answer. Now here comes the risky part. What & how much information you pass on to them is totally an individual’s prerogative. Their perception or understanding of things is completely dependent on the answers you give. Never tell lies or feed any wrong data into their minds, they believe in you and it is always better they get their answers from you. At times i don’t have answers nor have any clue – times as such, Google guru comes to my rescue.

I consider teaching kids through play, is the best, and believe me their enthusiasm is contagious. Every time you enable your child to learn something new, you end up learning much more. What I did not learn in 30yrs, I have managed in last 5 years. Every new question / topic that arises in their mind is turned into an exercise for them to learn the basics from. So, here is what i do, happy kids is happy me.

Design maps before & after an outing, home published newspaper, organic gardening, re-cycling/ up-cycling projects, construction projects – 3 d paper/ cardboard models, enterprising projects – set shop & sell, learn from nature – butterfly life cycle, house hold activities, cook n bake & much more.

In my next post i will share a lesson we took upon, stay tuned.